1) National Food Security Act, 2013

National Food Security Act, 2013 has been implemented in J&K with effect from 1st of Feb, 2016 with the objective to provide access to adequate quantity of quality food at affordable prices.

As per Act, the eligible beneficiaries under priority households are entitled to receive 5kgs of food grains per beneficiary per month at highly subsidized prices of Rs.3/2 per kg for rice/wheat. However, the existing beneficiaries under Antyodaya Anna Yojana (AAY), which constitute the poorest of the poor, continue to receive 35 kg of food grains per household per month.

Under NPHH category the beneficiaries are provided foodgrains at a scale of 05 kg/beneficiary per month at a subsidized price of Rs.12 per Kg for wheat, Rs.13 per Kg for Flour & Rs.15 per Kg for Rice.

2) Jammu and Kashmir Food Entitlement Scheme (JKFES/Earlier MMSFES) - (Put in abeyance, presently).

To provide additional foodgrains to the beneficiaries under NFSA, the Government has introduced Jammu and Kashmir Food Entitlement Scheme (JKFES) which envisages providing of additional 5 Kgs of foodgrains per beneficiary to bonafide beneficiaries having family size from (01) one to 06 (six) over and above the NFSA scale from 1st of July 2016. Under JKFES, the foodgrains are procured at OMSS Rates from FCI and then distributed among the beneficiaries as per the below scale @ Rs.12 per Kg for wheat, Rs.13 per Kg for Flour & Rs.15 per Kg for Rice. Under this scheme the monthly entitlement of ration per family per month is as under:

Number of Souls Monthly Scale per family as per NFSA Additional foodgrains as per JKFES Total
One (01) 05 Kgs 05 Kgs 10 Kgs
Two (02) 10 Kgs 10 Kgs 20 Kgs
Three (03) 15 Kgs 15 Kgs 30 Kgs
Four (04) 20 Kgs 15 Kgs 35 Kgs
Five (05) 25 Kgs 10 Kgs 35 Kgs
Six (06) 30 Kgs 05 Kgs 35 Kgs
Seven (07) or above As per NFSA Scale

3) J&K Special Sugar Scheme (JKSSS).

Under this scheme, AAY families are provided 01 Kg of Sugar/household/month. Procurement of Sugar is made through NAFED on Quarterly Basis. Procurement cost is Rs. 43.80/Kg, out of which Govt. of India pays Rs. 18.50/Kg and Govt. of J&K pays Rs. 11.80/kg. Sale rate is Rs. 13.50/Kg.

4) J&K Subsidized Kerosene Oil (Licensing & Distribution) Order, 2022.

In terms of this policy, the following categories of households are provided Subsidized Kerosene Oil (SKO), at a scale of 03 Liters per household:

  • i) AAY category for the entire year in winter zone.
  • ii) PHH category for the entire year in remote areas where winter dumping of food grains is done for a period of six months or three months.
  • iii) PHH category in winter zone for four winter months only (i.e December, January, February & March), not covered in clause(2).